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Arbitration The process of referring to an agreed person for judgment on issues of dispute, without requiring the use of courts.
Area Code A code for the area where a container is situated.
Area of Repair Geographical area where a container is under repair.
Area Off Hire Lease Geographical area where a leased container becomes off hire.
Area Off Hire Sublease Geographical area where a subleased container becomes off hire.
Arrival Date The date on which goods or a means of transport is due to arrive at the delivery site of the transport.
Arrival Notice Notices sent by a carrier to a nominated notify party advising of the arrival of a certain shipment or consignment.
Articles Dangereux de Route, ADR A European agreement concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by road.
Assembly The stage of production in which components are put together into an end product appropriate to the process concerned.
Assignment The transfer of certain rights from one party to another.