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All Risks Clause An insurance provision which provides additional coverage to an Open Cargo Policy, usually for an additional premium. Contrary to its name, the clause does not protect against all risks. The more common perils it does cover are theft, pilferage, non-deliv
Allocation The process of assigning activities, costs or facilities e.g. space to a certain organisational units.
Allotment A share of the capacity of a means of transport assigned to a certain party, e.g. a carrier or an agent, for the purpose of the booking of cargo for a specific voyage.
Always Afloat (AA) Provision in a charter party, that the vessel must remain afloat at all times when unloading and discharging.
American Bureau of Shipping Abbreviation: ABS, American classification society which has established rules and regulations for the classification of seagoing vessels or equipment.
Amidships At or in the middle of a vessel.
Anchor Device for temporary securing a ship or floating structure to the seabed by means of a chain or cable and a weight with movable extensions (arms)
Apparel 1. A vessel's outfit, such as rigging, anchor and lifeboats.
Approved Continuous Examination Program, ACEP An agreement between the owners of the equipment and the responsible governmental body to allow continuous examination of the equipment (e.g. containers).
Apron See Platform