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Advanced Interline An interline carrier that picks up cargo from the shipper and delivers it to another carrier for shipment to the consignee.
Advice Note A written piece of information e.g. about the status of the goods.
Aeroquip System Special accessories in a container consisting of among others the attachment rails on the inside walls to provide facilities for lashing and separation of the cargo.
Aft At, near or towards the stern or rear of a vessel or an aircraft.
Agency Fee Fee payable by a ship owner or ship operator to a port agent.
Agent 1. A person or organization authorized to act for or on behalf of another person or organization. 2. In a Shipping Line, an Agent is a corporate body with, which there is an agreement to perform particular function
Aggregate Inventory The inventory for any group of items or products, involving multiple stock-keeping units.

Automated guided vehicle system

Air Container Any unit load device, primarily intended for transport by air, having an internal volume of 1 m3or more, incorporating restraint provisions compatible with an aircraft restraint system, and an entirely flush base bottom to allow handling on roller-bed car
Air Waybill, AWB A document made out by or on behalf of the carrier(s) confirming receipt of the goods by the carrier and evidencing the contract between the shipper and the carrier(s) for the carriage of goods as described therein