About Us

Our Mission and Vision

Over the years, Speedlink Cargo as an ISO 9001:2008 certified company has continuously redefined itself in line with globally shipping customer exceptions in freight logistics.The company's vision is to be the first choice provider of global logistics and supply chain management solutions, and this is backed with a mission to provide world class cargo management solutions. To this end, Speedlink Cargo has established a network of likeā€minded agents across the globe, which allows us to offer competitively  priced and effective services to all clients


We have an extensive worldwide network of like minded professional represented in every country trading links to Zimbabwe.


  • Speedlink Cargo is a member of the Shipping and Forwarding Agents Association of ZImbabwe(SFAAZ).
  • WCA Project Network
  • GPLN Network
  • Affiliated to Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce
  • Confederation of ZImbabwe Industries


Discover the wide range of services you can enjoy today with Speedlink Cargo.

Shipping and Forwarding

We help our customers constantly improve their transportation networks and gain a competitive advantage, by giving them the means to get products to market faster and more efficiently.

  • Sea
  • Rail
  • Air
  • Road
  • Port Clearances at Beira and Durban
  • Consolidations

Customs Clearing

Our dedicated qualified team draws on experience to assist both importers and exporters.

  • Consumption
  • Removals in Bond
  • Removals in Transit
  • Exports
  • DDU
  • DDP
  • Drawback of Duty


Dedicated warehousing operations to help you deliver your service promise

  • General
  • Bonded
  • Packaging
  • Destuffing
  • Distribution
  • On-consignment stocks

Other services

  • Marine Insurance
  • Buying Services
  • Consultancy